Is It Time to Re-think Word-of Mouth Marketing?

Why is it that most clients typically have the same reaction to the idea of utilizing Word-of-Mouth (WOM) components during a pre-planning discussion for the development of a local marketing initiative? We believe it is because there are some commonly held beliefs about the effectiveness of the WOM component of a campaign due to the perceived inability for measuring and tracking results from offline conversations. Borrowing from today’s political environment, that is simply Fake News. The facts are clear - WOM is one of the highest yielding disciplines, especially when implemented as part of an integrated local marketing push.

According to a 2014 WOMMA research study, 91% of all brand conversations take place offline and two-thirds of these conversations ultimately stimulate product sales. Marketers should reconsider Word of Mouth as an important component of a local marketing strategy. On top of that, Word of Mouth amplifies the effect of traditional media components by an average of 15%, per a Keller Fay TalkTrack study in 2014. It becomes clearer that an integrated local marketing push, including Word of Mouth components, is worth an exploration.

Today’s Conversations Drive Tomorrow’s Sales

To illustrate a best in class Word of Mouth example, look to Freixenet, the Spanish wine producer and their grassroots introduction of their ICE product. Freixenet recruited and trained 1,000 brand ambassadors to spread the word one-on-one about the new sparkling wine product. During the 4-week effort, the brand ambassadors achieved an effective offline reach of 186,214 new prospective customers. That is 186 thousand new viable customers reached with credible, personal recommendations from real advocates of Freixenet.

With administered surveys during the Word of Mouth campaign, only 3% of the reached audience reported even knowing about the brand. Of those who tried the new product, 71% stated they were extremely likely or most likely to purchase Freixenet Ice.

Local Motion Marketing creates custom locally focused programs with brand engagements and brand involvement that drive transactions. From awareness to activations to enthusiasts. And Word of Mouth is a powerful potential component on this journey. Contact us today to learn more of how we can boost your brand awareness using Word of Mouth.


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