Hey Restaurants and Food Brands, Local Marketing Opportunities Abound

One of the toughest questions to answer almost every day is “What will we have for dinner tonight?” In fact, the new study from Acosta and Technomic affirms that 85% of Americans ask and answer that question and decide what to eat for dinner the day of the meal. This is evidence of the importance for local marketing initiatives to sway consumers into the direction of visiting local restaurants, picking up convenient meal kits and stopping by the local store to pick-up the ingredients for making dinner. The perfect answer for what we at Local Motion Marketing call the “Daily Dinner Dilemma” can be found in creatively presenting an array of potential meal solutions for deciding on the nightly family dinner.

Here is some food for thought on addressing the Daily Dinner Dilemma:

  • Development of a rolling restaurant that stations itself all around town that samples the core items from its brick and mortar establishments and incentivizes consumers to stop and pick-up nightly meal solutions at nearby restaurants.
  • Pop-up limited-edition storefronts in high traffic locations offering meal kit sales (think train stations, toll plazas, busy foot traffic streets).
  • Offering “take and bake” pre-packaged meal solutions (from online subscriptions for meal kit delivery services, to meal kits at the front entrance of grocery stores, to grab and go meal prep kits picked up at traditional restaurants per the new Chick-fil-A test).
  • With the growing demand for home delivery, surveyed diners want more than pizza delivery including: hamburgers (28% of respondents), chicken wings (27%), Mexican food (21%), barbecue (14%) and desserts (11%).
  • Offering 5 ingredient or less recipes for “speed scratch” meal preparations at home.
  • Create “Cook Once, Eat Twice” recipes for tonight’s dinner and utilizing the leftovers for a different and convenient meal the following night by transforming one dish into another (example- tonight’s taco fillings are the basis for tomorrow’s stuffed peppers or taco soup).

The creative marketer has the solution toolkit and all they need is a creative partner to implement the programs in a flawless manner at the local level. Incremental sales opportunities are there at the grassroots level, and we would be glad to chat about how to get started. Contact Us Today!