Dude Foods: Myth or Reality?

Any brand professional looking to increase market share needs to look no further than stepping up its appeal to almost 50% of the population. The simple fact is that men are roaming store aisles more than ever and they simply do not shop the same way women do. Food and beverage marketers should ask themselves how can they build a larger groundswell of support and sales from dudes at the local level?

Let’s review some of the trends.

Results from the recently released Harris Poll/ Men's Health Study "How Men Shop for Food" report that 84% of men indicate that they are the primary grocery shoppers in their household. This represents a whopping 19% increase over the past 10 years. Drilling down further, 93% of men prepare meals for themselves and 77% prepare meals for household members.

Furthermore, male shoppers are simply not weekly meal-planners and buy a great deal on impulse with an eye towards tonight’s or tomorrow’s meals. And male grocery shoppers tend to be less price-sensitive as they are willing to pay more for items that catch their eyes.

Creating action at the store level is the key to expand a brand’s market share with the gents. This is where Local Motion Marketing can parlay its experience, capabilities and expertise in the creation and full execution of point of contact marketing for grocery brands.

Here are some examples that we consider to be effective the planning and implementation of local store programs focused on the male shoppers:

  • Capture their imagination by establishing male-targeted demos during the days and hours that feature the highest propensity of male shoppers.
  • Bring together complimentary food brand partnerships that feature “dude” food meals solutions.
  • Go into the community and develop a rolling kitchen, making stops at places with larger male presence and recruit male audience members for hands-on participation in meal demos.

A multitude of concepts can be developed and flawlessly fielded to get constituents activated. Want to explore this topic more? Contact Us Today!