Does Experiential Marketing Make More Sense Now Than Ever?

We are seeing traditional advertising vehicles including TV spots, print, and web banners, continue to lose impact and relevance. To break through the clutter, brand stewards must consider reigniting their marketing approaches to reflect a new, values-based relationship between consumers and brands. Tapping into experiential marketing, as a part of an overall integrated marketing plan, provides brands with an effective strategy to sow the seeds of success at the local level.

Local Motion Marketing has demonstrated its experience, knowledge and expertise to create scalable and measurable brand promotions that encourage interactive consumer-brand experiences. The results will in part be in the emotional connections of consumers built around experiences – whether in support of a product introduction, exclusive offers, one-on-one engagement, or community bonding.

Want some examples of experiential events that are adding distinction and value to consumer problem solving?

Look at the Hello Fresh, a company that delivers pre-measured meal kits. To promote the concept, Hello Fresh tapped directly into the lifestyles of its target consumers who often decide on what to make for dinner on the way home from work with the creation of a four-week pop-up store in a subway station. The experiential marketing program featured a hangout space for learning more about the brand, sampled prepared meals, and provided commuters with the opportunity to purchase meal kits for their train ride home. The experiential program both enhanced brand awareness and activated consumer trial.

Another great way to integrate your brand into the marketplace is by creating Brand Partnerships.

Local Motion Marketing seeks to create experiential success by forging relationships with complementary brands that offer some value the sponsoring brand cannot by itself, thus shaping a holistic brand experience for the consumer. These marketing partnerships allows the brand to own the space that it knows best, but it can also intersect with the needs of a distinct audience.

Look at REI, the outdoor clothing and gear retailer and its Climb partnership with Momentum, a Houston-based indoor climbing gym. The Climb pop-up partnership introduced people to the sport, assisted experienced climbers with new skills, all while trying the latest REI gear. A perfect local marketing match!

In the end, the key to experiential marketing success is in creating memorable consumer experiences that will be shared widely and forms the basis for igniting the enthusiasm for on-going success. To do so, look for an agency that inspires, never uses cookie cutter tactics, and thus gives rise to meaningful connections to the individual’s daily life.

So, if there is intrigue in changing relationship between consumers and brands, with experiential marketing to drive awareness, activations and enthusiasts, let’s connect.

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